Why Edward Snowden chose Hong Kong?

Easy to access
90 days visa free for Americans

Cosmopolitan international Asian city in the world
Edward Snowden’s dad said his son is into Asian culture so he had lived in Japan for a while. Hong Kong is a dynamic international city in Asian. Hong Kong is a fusion of each of everything from every part of this world.

Able to survive with speaking merely English
Most of the Hong Kong people speak Cantonese and we understand English and Mandarin Chinese well. English is used to be our second language. So Edward Snowden survives with speaking only English here! (Well, the same situation might not be possible in some other Asian cities. Okay, I’m kinda sure native English speakers are hard to survive in Japan)

A freest city in the strongest country in the world, China.
-Freedom of speech
-Partially political independent from China

Well legal systems
So he could have fair judgment here.
Safe enough to hide
-Hong Kong is still a part of China, the one of the strongest countries which is powerful enough to fight against the United States.
-Public security is well protected

High density – easy enough to hide
Not sure if it was a good thing. Never be too easy to catch exactly  someone in such a dense city, you might probably have to search hardly.

Good network/internet
This is very important for a computer geek! Have heard a lot foreigners said Hong Kong’s network is very good.

Pretty girls?
Alright, I know he has a girlfriend. Haha. Maybe for some other people then.

Overall, Hong Kong is kinda awesome. The freedom of America is dying for sure. Should start to get to know this real free land!

A place to suck you in, definitely.

Okay, Hong Kong people protest for whatever things. They mostly protest 360 days a year!



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